New patient visit (Cleaning, Exam, X-rays as needed)

A new patient visit is designed to gather as much information as possible about the patient’s oral health and to learn about their specific expectations. At Tilden Dental in Chicago, our goal is to create healthy, confident smiles, and we are glad you have taken the first step. Regular dental appointments are an imperative part of maintaining your overall health and well-being.

Patients are encouraged to bring a list of questions and concerns regarding their oral health. We will help you decide on the most appropriate treatment to achieve a healthy and natural smile.

The new patient examination with one of our caring dentists includes the following:

1. Full Mouth Exams

We will evaluate your oral cavity and look for signs of tooth decay and other dental concerns. In addition to examining your teeth, we also look at your tongue, gums, lips, and cheeks. Our screening process also includes an assessment of your jawbone to see how your teeth bite together.

2. Medical History Review

It’s critical for your dental health that we know and understand your complete medical history and any medications you are taking. We can assure you that all your details will be kept in the strictest confidence.

3. X-Rays

We capture low-radiation digital X-rays of your mouth to measure the bone density around your teeth. This will help us to detect signs of disease or decay not visible on the surface.

4. Gum Health 

We will also have a look at your gums. If you notice any bleeding while brushing, it may indicate the presence of gingivitis or gum disease. We may schedule a deep tooth cleaning procedure during your subsequent visit. 

5. Oral Cancer Screening

Scrutinizing the soft tissues of your mouth for any abnormal findings is one of the most important steps during your first visit. The tongue, cheek, palate floor of the mouth, and all other areas of your mouth will be screened thoroughly to find and identify white patches, lesions, or bumps. These are extremely important as they can be present without displaying notable symptoms. Our oral health screenings will help us spot early signs of disease and enable us to take preventative measures.

6. Digital Scanning

Using small digital cameras, we can take images of your mouth to better understand your dental structure and help you select the right treatment options.

7. Assessing Your Concerns

Once we have collected all your information, we will present you with all your treatment alternatives for your consideration. We will extend all the necessary support for your future procedures.

At Tilden Dental in Chicago, we welcome new patients to our practice and extend to them the benefits of our expert dental care. To learn more about the dental services we offer, visit our office at 331 E Ontario St, Chicago, IL 60611, or call us at (312) 664-6616.


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