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Dental emergencies can be troublesome at best and exceedingly painful or even life-threatening at worst. When you or a family member needs emergency dental treatment, it's reassuring to know that your local dental provider is there to help you. At Tilden Dental in Chicago, we always try to ease our patient's pain or discomfort as quickly as possible. In addition to your emergency treatment, we will also provide solutions for your overall dental care.

Common Dental Emergencies

  • Broken or Knocked-out Tooth

When you get your tooth knocked out or broken, you will experience unbearable pain. If you don't get immediate medical attention, you will be distraught, and you will likely lose the tooth permanently.

  • Severe Toothache

When you have a severe unexplainable toothache, seek emergency dental care. An infection in your gums might be the reason. If you choose to ignore it, you might end up with severe complications. The infection might damage your gums and necessitate emergency surgery.

  • Bleeding Gums

A cut might lead to an injury to your gums. Bleeding gums are common and such injuries may increase bleeding. However, if your gums bleed profusely, accompanied by swelling, you should not ignore them. There may be some underlying causes that may have to be diagnosed promptly.

  • Abscessed Tooth

An abscessed tooth will cause difficulties in eating, drinking, sleeping, and sometimes speaking because you will be in extreme pain. In such a situation, avail emergency help immediately.

  • Broken Restorations

Restorations like crowns and bridges may come loose or break. In such a situation, reach out for emergency care to salvage and repair your restorations saving on further expenses.

  • Swollen Jaw

Swelling on your lymph nodes might trigger the jaws to swell, and it is not normal. However, it would help if you availed of urgent dental care.

  • Exposed Nerves

When your tooth's nerves are exposed, your tooth might be sensitive to temperature changes in your mouth. Or the nerve could be damaged, making you not feel anything at all. Make sure you get checked right away to ensure that you won't lose your tooth.

How Should You Proceed With a Dental Emergency?

In case you face any of the above situations, contact your dental care provider right away. If you have an excruciating toothache, you can rinse your mouth with warm salty water. If you have an abscess, rinse your mouth using clove oil. If your tooth falls out, preserve it in a container and bring it to the office.

Do you have a dental condition that requires immediate intervention? Proceed to Tilden Dental, at 331 E Ontario St, Chicago, IL 60611, or call us at (312) 664-6616 to avail emergency care right away.


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