Cavity Repair in Chicago, IL

Do you have a cavity? It is crucial to remove tooth decay promptly to prevent the spread of decay. Cavities can be pretty challenging because they cause damage to your teeth and can cause pain and discomfort if left untreated. A tooth filling is the best solution to treat cavities.

Cavities are pretty common, but fortunately, dental treatments can be used to restore the tooth. It is vital to visit Tilden Dental in Chicago for regular checkups to help you prevent cavities. If a cavity occurs, then we can provide tooth-colored filling treatments to protect your smile.

What Is a Dental Cavity?

A dental cavity is an opening created after bacteria destroys a section of a tooth. If the cavity is not cured promptly, it will worsen the disease and infection and may result in the extraction of the tooth.

Why Should Cavities Need To Be Fixed?

Tooth decay often causes tooth sensitivity as it spreads deeper into the tooth. It may progress to expose the inner nerves and affect the tooth’s structural integrity. This may become a site of infection and inflammation. Consequently, the decay has to be removed to stop the progression of decay. After the decay is removed, the hole needs to be packed with a dental filling.

Fillings prevent the accumulation of plaque or bacteria, which could otherwise lead to severe infections. They also strengthen the tooth to prevent it from cracking or chipping. A filling will preserve and reinstate the integrity of the tooth.

What Is the Dental Filling Process? 

First, we will inject a local anesthetic to numb the area around the tooth. A dental drill is used to remove the decay from the affected tooth. After removing the decay, we will clean the opening and pack it with the selected filling.

What Are the Kinds of Fillings?

Many types of fillings can be used to fill cavities. Of these, the most common types are composite resin, gold, and zirconia.

Composite fillings are widely preferred alternatives on the market today due to their tooth-colored appearance and excellent durability. Gold fillings provide exceptional resilience, but they can be more noticeable than composite fillings. Zirconia is more durable than composites and also comes with natural tooth color.

How Is the Recovery?

After your cavity has been filled, your mouth remains numb for at least a few hours after the procedure. As a safety measure, it is suggested that you refrain from eating and drinking hot beverages until the numbness wears off.

At Tilden Dental in Chicago, we provide customized dental fillings to make your smile look complete and revitalized. To learn more about the dental services we offer, visit our office at 331 E Ontario St, Chicago, IL 60611, or call at (312) 664-6616.


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