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The use of tooth fillings at dental clinics has been prevalent for a long time. It is one of the most common procedures that dentists perform to treat cavities and chipped teeth. In the past, silver amalgam materials were used for fillings, but with the advancements in dental technology, silver fillings are a thing of the past and we now use tooth-colored materials that match the appearance of your natural teeth. 

If you have cavities or a broken filling, we will treat your condition with tooth-colored fillings (unless a dental crown is indicated). Once the cavity is removed, the filling restores the health, appearance, and function of the tooth being treated. These fillings are also called "bonding" and "composite" but it is all the same material... composite resin filling. Tooth-colored fillings can also be used to repair chipped or misshapen teeth, and are routinely used on front teeth for esthetic upgrades to the smile.  

What are the Benefits of Fillings? 

  • The primary benefit of dental fillings is that they stop the cavity from growing in your teeth and also save the nearby teeth from decay and infection. 
  • Fillings improve the structure of your teeth. They give much-needed support to your teeth after a cavity has damaged them.
  • Apart from treating decay, fillings are also used to restore your fractured or chipped teeth. 
  • When the filling material is used to restore chipped or badly worn teeth, it can drastically improve the appearance of your smile.

How are Fillings Applied?

The application of fillings is an in-office procedure. Some of the more superficial cavities and chipped teeth repairs don't even require "a shot" (anesthetic/Novocaine). The dentist will ensure you're numbed up to not feel pain during the cavity repair and filling procedure. The decayed area of the tooth structure is removed and next, we fill the resulting space with the tooth-colored filling.

Once filled, we will adjust and polish the material to match the tooth and always check that your bite is adjusted properly on the filling.

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