Full Mouth Reconstruction in Chicago, IL

Tilden Dental Group offers Full Mouth Reconstruction in Downtown Chicago

A full mouth reconstruction is a combination of multiple dental procedures that aim to enhance your oral functionality and aesthetics. 

Patients who have ignored routine dental consultations for many years typically develop multiple oral conditions. Such individuals are suitable candidates for full mouth reconstruction.

At Tilden Dental Group, Dr. Tilden specializes in full mouth reconstructions and can offer you a customized treatment plan that includes various procedures that will restore your smile. 

Here are some of the procedures typically included in a full mouth reconstruction: 

Replacing Missing Teeth

Teeth can be damaged beyond repair by cavities, external trauma, gum disease, or other dental issues. For patients with missing teeth, Dr. Tilden will start the full mouth reconstruction with a tooth replacement procedure. 

One of the simplest means to replace a set of missing teeth is using dental bridges. They are prosthetic teeth held in position using crowns on either side. 

A more stable and stronger option is a dental implant. It is inserted directly into the jawbone and is held firmly in place with a metal implant stud. They are impressively long-lasting and render excellent functionality. 

If the patient is missing all their teeth, Dr. Tilden will recommend dentures.

Restoring Damaged Teeth

Teeth that are damaged due to external trauma or a weak structure can be restored to their ideal functionality and form using dental restorations. 

One of the most prominent ones is the dental crown. It is made from dental-grade ceramic and resembles a natural tooth. 

Surface imperfections like chipping, cracks, extreme discoloration, etc., can be treated using veneers. At Tilden Dental Group, we also use composite resin bonding to restore the contour of chipped or broken teeth.

Cavity Treatments

Cavities can cause enamel erosion. When they grow deeper, they can also affect the underlying dental pulp, causing root canal infections. 

Dr. Tilden offers multiple cavity treatments including root canal procedures that will restore your teeth’ strength and structure.

Cosmetic Treatments

Cosmetic dental procedures can enhance the aesthetics of the smile. Some of the most prominent ones are teeth whitening, composite bonding, dental cleanings, gum grafting, etc. Most of these procedures not only improve the beauty of one’s smile but also offer functional benefits and strengthen the teeth.

To learn more about full mouth reconstructions, contact Dr. Tilden at Tilden Dental Group. To schedule an appointment, call (312) 664-6616, visit our office at 331 E Ontario St, Chicago, IL 60611, or book a consultation online.


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