Dental Implants in Chicago, IL

Implant Dentistry in River North, Chicago

Implants are one of the strongest dental restorations used for replacing missing natural teeth that have been lost or removed due to decay, external trauma, or other oral conditions. 

At Tilden Dental Group, our dentists specialize in cosmetic and restorative dentistry and recommend dental implants for the numerous advantages they offer compared to other alternatives like bridges and dentures. 

Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of dental implants and what you can expect from the procedure. 

What Are the Advantages of Dental Implants?

  • The implant studs are made from a highly strong and durable metal - titanium. The tooth crown is made from dental-grade ceramic, which is extremely durable too.
  • The ceramic crown can be custom-fabricated to look and feel just like your natural teeth, which helps keep it indistinguishable.
  • The implant stud placed in the jawbone preserves the jawbone structure and prevents its deterioration.
  • Implants restore oral functionality by allowing you to bite and chew food and pronounce words appropriately.
  • Implants fill the gap left by the missing tooth entirely, thereby making your smile appear more pleasing.
  • Implants are impressively long-lasting - upwards of 20 years, making them the most sought-after permanent dental restoration.

What Is the Procedure for Getting Dental Implants?

When you visit Tilden Dental Group to get an implant, Dr. Tilden will take X-rays and digital scans of the teeth to check the jawbone density and identify any other issues that may affect the implant procedure. 

If the jawbone has deteriorated, Dr. Tilden may suggest a bone graft to replenish it. 

The data from the scans will be used to fabricate the metal implant stud and the ceramic crown that serves as the replacement tooth.

During the initial surgery, Dr. Tilden will place the implant in the jawbone by making a small incision. In a few months, the bone will fuse with the implant stud and you will be ready for the new stage of the process. 

Once the healing is complete, we will schedule a new appointment to place the abutment and crown on the implant. The abutment and crown will be fixed firmly in place using dental adhesives, and a bite test will help ensure you retain your natural bite. 

Dr. Tilden will then polish the crown and suggest care instructions.

If you are looking to get a dental implant in Chicago, Illinois, contact our dedicated team at Tilden Dental Group by calling (312) 664-6616, scheduling a consultation online, or visiting our office at 331 E Ontario St, Chicago, IL 60611.


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