Bridges in Chicago, IL

Dental Bridges in Chicago, IL

Dental bridges are the easiest way to replace a set of missing teeth. They are made from tooth-colored and durable materials and do not require oral surgery to be placed. This makes them discreet, long-lasting, and convenient.

Dr. Jordan Tilden and Dr. Zachary Tilden at Tilden Dental Group in Chicago, Illinois, provide a wide range of cosmetic and restorative dental services to their patients and can help you restore your smile through various procedures, including dentures. 

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of dentures and what you can expect from the procedure at Tilden Dental Group. 

Why Do You Need to Replace Missing Teeth?

When you lose one or several of your natural teeth, you won’t be able to chew or speak like before, and your smile will be affected. In addition, you may develop other oral concerns such as:

  • Drifting of the natural teeth from their position
  • Jawbone deterioration
  • Excessive pressure applied on the teeth adjoining the gap

What Are the Advantages of Bridges?

Bridges are one of the quickest and easiest ways to replace a set of missing teeth. Their main advantages include: 

  • Bridges can be placed in just two visits at Tilden Dental Group. 
  • Placing bridges does not require any surgery. 
  • Bridges can be customized to match the exact aesthetics of your natural teeth. 
  • They are made from highly durable and strong materials.
  • Bridges restore both oral functionality and aesthetics. 
  • They are a long-lasting solution that does not require much maintenance or frequent repairs. 

What Is the Procedure for Placing Bridges?

During the initial consultation, Dr. Tilden will use X-rays to determine the spacing available for the bridge. He will then numb the area surrounding the anchoring teeth and prepare them for the crowns by removing some of the enamel. 

While the molds are sent to the laboratory that manufactures the bridge, Dr. Tilden can fit you with a temporary bridge. 

During the second and final visit, Dr. Tilden will replace the temporary solution with the final one and put the prosthetic teeth in place, making any required adjustments to ensure the bridge feels comfortable and natural. 

If you want to quickly and easily replace a set of missing teeth, contact Dr. Tilden at Tilden Dental Group in Chicago, Illinois. You can reach us by calling (312) 664-6616, visiting us at 331 E Ontario St, Chicago, IL 60611, or scheduling an appointment online.


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