Do You Need to Brush Your Tongue?

Do You Need to Brush Your Tongue?

Posted by Dr. Tilden on Jan 7 2022, 10:59 AM

You may know of the necessity of cleaning your teeth twice a day and of the importance of flossing every day. But what you probably don't hear much about is how important it is to clean your tongue to maintain proper dental health and cleanliness. 

The tongue is the most bacteria-infested area of our body. A tongue not only has taste buds, but also fissures, elevations, and other microscopic structures where bacteria can lurk if not physically removed. 

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Why Should You Clean Your Tongue?

Regular brushing and flossing is an excellent approach to clean your teeth and enhance the overall health of your mouth. However, it does not eradicate the bacteria that accumulates on your tongue. These bacteria can create volatile sulfur compounds that cause bad breath and are linked to a variety of health problems.

How Often Should I Clean My Tongue?

Bacteria can grow quickly. Cleaning your tongue twice daily after brushing your teeth is the most effective technique to reduce the number of bacteria in your mouth. Removing that debris from your tongue before bedtime will also help prevent and eliminate unpleasant morning breath when you wake up.

Benefits of Cleaning Your Tongue

Getting Rid of Bad Breath

Because of poor dental hygiene, smoking, dry mouth, or certain medications, the tongue can become covered with layers of bacteria. Bacterial growth will cause unpleasant odors.

Removes Bacteria

Bacteria are the cause of many of your oral health problems, including tooth decay and poor breath. Scraping your tongue may aid in the maintenance of a healthy balance of good bacteria in your mouth. It does this by removing the food particles and dead cells that have accumulated in your mouth.

Improved Digestion

Food digestion begins in your mouth. The enzymes included in the saliva break down food so that it can be easily digested by the intestines. Scraping the tongue helps to activate these enzymes, assisting the food digestion process.

Helps Prevent Cavities

Brushing the bacteria off your tongue will help to prevent plaque production in your mouth, which can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, and cavities.

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