4 Habits That Can Damage Oral And Dental Health

4 Habits That Can Damage Oral And Dental Health

Posted by Zack Tilden on Nov 16 2022, 05:51 AM

Your teeth are extremely important to your overall well-being. They allow you to chew your food, speak clearly, and smile with confidence. If your teeth are damaged in any way, it can affect all aspects of your life. Here are some habits that can damage oral health.

  • Smoking

Smoking cigarettes is bad for your oral health in several ways. It stains your smile and can cause gum disease and oral cancer. Smokeless tobacco is just as bad because the chemicals in the product are also dangerous to your mouth. Many smokers don’t even realize their breath smells or that they’re coughing up blood when they brush too hard. They assume bad breath is just something that comes with being a smoker. They’re so accustomed to their routine that they don’t notice they’re harming their own health. If you are someone who smokes regularly, remember that quitting is the best thing you can do for your overall health. 

  • Teeth Grinding

If you grind your teeth while you sleep, it will destroy your tooth enamel and put you at risk for tooth sensitivity. Your dentist might recommend wearing a custom nightguard to prevent grinding. The nightguard is a hard acrylic that’s molded to the shape of your mouth, so it fits snugly and doesn’t slide around when you move your jaw. Nightguards can even help reduce the symptoms of TMJ disorder, like headaches or sore jaw muscles.

  • Chewing Ice

Many people chew on ice, and this habit may seem harmless since it melts quickly in your mouth. However, there are many reasons why you shouldn’t put ice cubes in your mouth. For one, extreme cold can damage or crack your teeth over time. In addition, chewing on ice can chip away at the enamel of your teeth, which leaves them vulnerable to decay and infection. This can lead to more serious problems down the road. 

  • Nail Biting

Many people bite their nails out of nervousness or anxiety. If you bite your nails, you’re putting your teeth at risk in the process. Biting your fingernails can chip and weaken the teeth, causing them to fracture much easier. Additionally, when the front teeth are chipped or broken, it can cause discomfort and pain while eating and talking. This can also leave a patient feeling self-conscious about his or her appearance. It’s best to avoid this harmful habit to protect your oral health!

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